Customer Testimonials

My life is so worry free knowing that you have my home and auto insurance, and you take care of all of my business insurance too. Truly, I couldn’t be in better hands because Ziegler Insurance treats people like family; not just a customer.

Reina O., customer since 2019

Personalized service

Customer since 2020

Fender bender in my driveway this first quarter 2020. Paid my $,1,000 deductible Just like brand new. That’s awesome service

David S., customer since 2016

When we need help we get it seamlessly

Robert N., customer since 2015

New to the area and opening a new business, we needed help with commercial insurance. Not know what type of insurance or how much we needed, Dirk helped us through the process and got us the coverage we needed to keep us, our customer and business protected. Whenever we have a question or request, Erica is professional and very quick to respond. We are very happy with the service they have provided going on 7 years!

Shawn B., customer since 2016

I had a flood insurance policy through a, I believe, a company affiliated with FEMA. They raised my premium 25% yearly. When they charged me $3900 per year, I contacted your office. You got me a police with the same coverage, for 1/3 of the cost. Needless to say. You made me very happy. Thank you, Lene Garner.

Customer since 2015

Dirk is always very quick with a response and very helpful.

Theresa T., customer since 2015

You always answer my questions and respond to my requests quickly and thoroughly

Christopher W., customer since 2015

Friendly atmosphere. Always available to answer questions.

Customer since 2015

Easy to talk to. Have patience to explain things over and over again. Always there to remind me of my renewal date.

Dulce N., customer since 2020

We received a quick response for our request for a quote and once we made the decision to work with you, the paperwork, etc. was also sent in a timely manner. The Zeigler Insurance staff have been great to work with.

Customer since 2020

Really appreciated your professionalism and timely response to getting us an affordable quote for home owners insurance. Thanks for making our first home buying experience such a smooth one!

Customer since 2020

Your patience, excellent service, knowledge and always willing to help

Customer since 2016

The customer service has always been great at Zeigler Insurance – I know I can count on them to answer all my questions. I really like the fact that I have a designated person to handle my account rather than a random customer service representative at a large insurance company.

Jil R., customer since 2016

Took care of all the details on a subject that was not familiar to me. The follow up was great.when the transaction was complete I felt great.

Donald B., customer since 2019

We like the idea that Ziegler Insurance is so close by. We like the personal touch of being a phone call away

Steven M., customer since 2016

Great customer service and prices.

Customer since 2018

I can’t even believe you would ask this question! Ask me to write a testimonial and I’d be happy to do it.

Ronald Y., customer since 2016

Dirk, Beth, and Erica bring a sense of reassurance and confidence to our insurance decisions. They are thorough and responsive and always work to make sure we understand our policies.

Jerry B., customer since 2016

When we looked to make a change from our former Auto/Home/Umbrella policy provider of 30+ years; Dirk and Beth were extremely helpful and addressed all of our questions and concerns. In addition, they provided coverage that exceeded what we had at much lower rates. We appreciate the service & support we received from the Zeigler team.

Kevin B., customer since 2020

Zeigler Insurance offers numerous product choices, so they are able to customize an insurance product that is best for their customers vs. having a single line of services to pull from. What really sets them apart is their small-town level of service – Zeigler Insurance staff is always looking for new products that may better serve their individual clients. Questions are answered quickly and claims resolved without delay. We are very happy with the service.

Kevin K., customer since 2016

Good communication and customer service

Customer since 2018

I appreciate the personal communication about my policies (someday I need to come out and meet you in person when we are over SIP).

Jonathan W., customer since 2016

We immediately felt comfortable on the first phone call with Dirk. Recommended by good friends – he did not disappoint. He is personable, knowledgeable, and efficient. Good move on our part!

Lisa B., customer since 2020

Responsive and knowledgeable. Great!

Vincent K., customer since 2016

Very helpful and treat me & my family as if we “are family.” Follow up and customer service is always exceptional, even during the Covid pandemic. Wish I had utilized their service sooner. I would highly recommend them since they offer professional customer service which is a rare commodity these days.

Kim S., customer since 2018

We have trusted Zeigler Insurance for many years. They have handled all of our personal and business insurance needs. We truly appreciate the personalized service and the dedication of Dirk, Beth and their staff to making sure we get the best products and service that meet our needs.

John F., customer since 2016

I appreciate that you shop around for the best rates for me. And I appreciate knowing that anytime I have a question or problem you are close by (local) and always quick to respond.

Jane R., customer since 2017

We love Zeigler Insurance! Always very helpful, friendly & willing to go the extra mile to insure best coverage! HIGHLY recommend Zeigler Insurance!

Ronald F., customer since 2016

Very professional, cordial, and helpful personnel . Response for additional forms were sent immediately.. Outstanding … Thank you very much.. Guy and Carla Blevins

Karla B., customer since 2020

Thank you for explaining my policies in depth. Finding me better (and extra) coverage at a better price was truly appreciated.

Customer since 2020

Worked to find me the insurance I needed. Always followed up and responded to my calls or emails in timely manner. Did a good job of explaining things to me when needed.

Customer since 2019

Zeigler Insurance provides personalized, friendly service and you can always trust that they are working in your best interest.

Kemal P., customer since 2016

Zeigler insurance has great customer service, and are quick to help with claims, and any questions about insurance. They are a family owned business and give back so much to the community of Brentwood.

Cindy A., customer since 2016

Always available for assisting us. Thank yoi.

Customer since 2018

I appreciate the effort to find insurance products that meet our company requirements.

Evan H., customer since 2017

You listen when I have questions and come up with an action plan.

Customer since 2016

Appreciate Dirk’s very timely and objective responses to our questions. Keep safe.

Barry W., customer since 2017

Whenever I’ve had a question ms Erica Juarez has answered all my inquiries….she comes across very knowledgeable & professional. The Ziegler’s should be very delighted to have ms Erica Juarez as their assistant, her work ethics are very impressive. Please extend my appreciation to ms Juarez for her always impressive performance with her assistance. Thank you for asking the questions.

Customer since 2016

Our agent, Erica, has been great help. Always very prompt .

Roberto N., customer since 2015

This team is very responsive and helpful

Customer since 2018

I had been with a previous insurance company for 20 + years and became dissatisfied with their services. A friend told me about Zeigler Insurance and I called them. They were responsive and extremely helpful. When all was said and done, I was able to get better coverage then I previously had. I would definitely recommend Zeigler Insurance.

Michelle S., customer since 2019

You have represented us only for a short while, but I know the Zeigler name and I respect and trust that name.

Jeffrey D., customer since 2019

Quick and professional response

Terry G., customer since 2016

You guys are very responsive and very professional. I love the quick turn around on responses whenever I have a question.

Daniel H., customer since 2019

Our agent, Erica, has been wonderful. She has been so helpful and patient with all of our business needs!

Roberto N., customer since 2015

Erica was super helpful and answered all my questions. Thanks again for everything!!

Karen C., customer since 2018

There is always a human to speak to. They listen to our needs and are quick to provide the service requested.

Judy A., customer since 2016

Dirk and his team have always been my go to for my insurance needs. Both personal and business. They are constantly going through our policies to make sure we are properly protected. I recommend Zeigler insurance for all your insurance needs!

Chris H., customer since 2014

Zeigler Insurance is someone I can stay locally with and trust to give the best service possible. Add on the friendly people in the office and their professionalism and you have a top notch company.

Jeffrey S., customer since 2017

It’s all about communication. Customers what to feel like they are informed and understand their policies and coverages. They want that security that everything is take care of completely. That’s were Zeigler Insurance shines and out performs the others.

Customer since 2016

Very responsive and professional

Socrates G., customer since 2015

Super knowledgeable and nice people. They make the process easy.

William B., customer since 2015

Customer service is always quick and friendly.

Customer since 2018

Helped me with workman’s comp insurance. Very polite and professional.

Customer since 2020

I’m so confident with all of my insurance needs now being taken care of with your office. After having my liability and workers’s comp through Zeigler Insur., it only made sense to begin this year transferring to you my auto and home insurance. Honestly, I don’t worry about a thing. Love your office, the knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for all that you do.

Reina O., customer since 2017

My husband and I started with the Zeigler’s 20 years ago. They have been very attentive to all our home and auto insurance needs throughout the years. They are always available and their rates are competitive. We recommended them to our son and daughter in law when they bought their first home and they’ve received them same personal service that we’ve enjoyed through the years.

Sally S., customer since 2015

Erica and Dirk have done such a great job with handling my worker’s comp and liability insurance for the past two years; it only made sense to transfer my home and auto to your office. Don’t know what took me so long. It’s such a sense of contentment knowing that all of my insurance needs are handled with one office; Zeigler Insurance. And Erica I can never thank enough. She has been so attentive to my needs and gotten me every document I’ve ever needed within a business day. She’s awesome.

Reina O., customer since 2019

Local business. Quick responses. Very knowledgeable. Very thorough.

Customer since 2020

We love the personal service that The Ziegler Insurance Team provides! Very helpful and professional!

Bruce B., customer since 2019

Awesome first class home and car insurance! I think I’m in year three or four, nothing but the best of insurance, two broken windshields, from spitting rocks, $50, copay, factory replacement. Trust Them Period

David S., customer since 2016

You guys are great! Always looking out for me and my family.

Danny B., customer since 2018

Very competitive rates and great customer service.

Customer since 2018

You respond is a timely fashion to all my requests. You go to extra lengths to make sure my needs are met

Christopher W., customer since 2015

When we first met with you it was like getting together with old friends because you were genuinely interested in us and our insurance needs. The time we spent with you wasn’t rushed and you made sure all our questions were answered. You also offered good suggestions on how we could save money on insurance products. We came away feeling that if we had any questions or needed help with a claim, you’d be happy to help and discuss for as long as it took. Thank-you for being so generous with your time, insight and expertise.

John W., customer since 2015

I appreciate the family feel

Dana E., customer since 2015

Everyone is always friendly and very helpful. My questions are answered very quickly and if you don’t have the answer, you are quick to find out and get back to me.

Theresa T., customer since 2015

Feels like family with Zeigler Insurance

Steven P., customer since 2015

You treat me like I’m a real person

Customer since 2015

Zeigler Insurance is so responsive anytime I have a question, I have right away. They are always following up with me on all of our policies and checking if there is any changes.

Dimple R., customer since 2016

They always know just what I need and I feel as if I quickly became family!

Ann W., customer since 2015

The entire staff have always taken such good care of our family’s insurance needs and have gone the extra mile time and again to exceed our expectations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an Insurance company that will take the time needed to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible service. They are simply the best around.

Lance C., customer since 2015

Dirk and Beth Zeigler of Zeigler Insurance are the best. As a daughter of an insurance agent, I know the amount of time an excellent agent puts into their business and their clients. Dirk and Beth meet this outstanding benchmark. I highly recommend them to anyone with insurance needs.

Vicki S., customer since 2015

We trust you.

Customer since 2017

It’s nice to have a “go to” rep rather than an insurance company customer service dept for questions and recommendations.

Jil R., customer since 2016

Very knowledgeable regarding my specific needs.

Donald B., customer since 2019

We like the personal attention we get because your location is so close which hrlps

Steven M., customer since 2016

Dealing with Zeigler insurance is like having an agent in the family. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Steven P., customer since 2015

It’s your glowing personalities, community outreach & availablity to help when we need it that makes all of you at Ziegler Insurance irreplaceable! Merry Christmas!

Ronald Y., customer since 2016

Knowledgeable about different coverage’s and recommending what’s appropriate to ones needs.

Dimple R., customer since 2016

Very good company to work with. Responsive, and honest.

Joel D., customer since 2016

I can pick up the phone and talk to you, you are always on top of my business. You call me if any problems, I know how busy you are but not for me!

Paige R., customer since 2018

I love the personal experience I get from Zeigler Insurance. Beth, Erica and Dirk know who I am when I call or email and ALWAYS take care of my insurance needs and questions

David B., customer since 2016

Friendly & super helpful. Competitive pricing.

Customer since 2018

You guys didn’t give up on finding us an insurance company that would cover my husband’s stupid snake.

Customer since 2016

Dirk and Beth are always willing to help with any insurance questions I have.

Donald B., customer since 2016

Appreciate the level of customer service and that you provided what turned out to be wonderful coverage without any time choosing and vetting on our part.

Donald H., customer since 2016

Super responsive and knowledgeable.

Vincent K., customer since 2016

You guys are awesome. I’m not just a number to someone in a big company, and I like that.

Jane R., customer since 2017

We’ve been very happy with the services provided at Zeigler Insurance. They work to find us the best rates for all our insurance needs and always answer any questions (even the “dumb” ones) with a smile. We highly recommend Zeigler Insurance! ~Beth Freeman

Ronald F., customer since 2016

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